Privacy Analytics

Privacy Analytics

Unleash data value.


Combine, Share and Reuse More Sensitive Data

With Privacy Analytics, you get proven technology and expertise to enable timely, usable data that can be safely linked and put to work – in compliance with global regulations – and backed by auditable proof.

Driving Value with Proven Technology + Expertise

Privacy Analytics enables business and healthcare leaders to deploy transformative data privacy solutions. With proven technology and unmatched expertise, we’ll empower your organization to gain new insight from its most sensitive data, while alleviating privacy concerns throughout your data life cycle.

Proven Technology

Unleash the power of your data at scale

Unmatched Expertise

Cut through the complexities of data

Client Success

We’ve helped 200+ clients turn data privacy into data potential since 2007. Check out these examples…


Watch our keynote presentation with Gabriel Eichler, VP and Head of Data for the data42 program at Novartis to help you build trusted data strategies for innovation that benefits everyone.


We studied the re-identification risks of sharing mobility data with government agencies and provided concrete guidance to protect individual privacy.​


Discover how this large telecom conglomerate developed and deployed a strong privacy program within nine months.​

Fresenius Medical Care

Read this case study and find out how Fresenius Medical Care and its affiliates are leveraging sensitive data safely and responsibly to deliver significant benefits to business and society under GDPR.

Meet a few of our data privacy experts.

Luk Arbuckle

Luk Arbuckle,

Chief Methodologist

Khaldoun Zine El-Abidine,

Sr. Director of Technology, Privacy Analytics

Michael McTaggart,

CTT Business Leader

Jordan Collins,

Head of Privacy Analytics

Santa Borel,

Associate Director, Data Privacy Solutions

Grant Middleton,

Head of Solution Architecture

Brian Rasquinha,

Associate Director, Solution Architecture, Privacy Analytics

Andrew Baker,

Senior Research Engineer

Meysam Safari,

Data Scientist

Stephen Korte,

Senior Data Scientist

Niamh McGuinness, PhD,

Associate Director, Safety, Regulatory & Transparency

David Di Valentino,

AI/ML Solutions Lead

Devyani Biswal,

Methodology Architect

Archiving / Destroying

Are you unleashing the full value of data you retain?

Your Challenges

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Value Retention

Client Success

Client: Comcast

Situation: California’s Consumer Privacy Act inspired Comcast to evolve the way in which they protect the privacy of customers who consent to share personal information with them.


Are you achieving intended outcomes from data?

Your Challenge

Do you need help...


Unbiased Results

Client Success


Situation:’s AI-powered tech helps clients improve their online experience by sharing signals about website visitor intent. They wanted to ensure privacy remained fully protected within the machine learning / AI context that produces these signals.


Do the right people have the right data?

Your Challenges

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Usable and Reusable Data

Client Success

Client: Novartis

Situation: Novartis’ digital transformation in drug R&D drives their need to maximize value from vast stores of clinical study data for critical internal research enabled by their data42 platform.



Are you empowering people to safely leverage trusted data?

Your Challenges

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Security / compliance efficiency


Client: ASCO’s CancerLinQ

Situation: CancerLinQ™, a subsidiary of American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a rapid learning healthcare system that helps oncologists aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. To achieve this goal, they must de-identify patient data provided by subscribing practices across the U.S.


Acquiring / Collecting

Are you acquiring the right data? Do you have appropriate consent?

Your Challenge

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Consent / Contracting strategy

Client Success

Client: IQVIA

Situation: Needed to ensure the primary market research process was fully compliant with internal policies and regulations such as GDPR. 



Are You Effectively Planning for Success?

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Build privacy in by design

Client Success

Client: Nuance

Situation: Needed to enable AI-driven product innovation with a defensible governance program for the safe and responsible use
of voice-to-text data under Shrems II.


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