Santa Borel

Santa Borel,

Senior Data Scientist

Santa Borel helps clients maximize their investment in Privacy Analytics’ Eclipse Risk software platform in support of new product innovation, improved service delivery and business growth.

Eclipse Risk is the first commercial software that anonymizes structured data using a proven, risk-based method. This approach ensures that an individual’s privacy is protected while maintaining data utility. Santa has led client engagements with Eclipse Risk since its first release. She delivers on-site technical workshops on data privacy and anonymization and provides on-going coaching within large client organizations in support of their strategic objectives around data use.

Santa also assesses the likelihood that people can be re-identified from personal data and protected information based on their specific scenario. She assists clients across and beyond the healthcare field. Her work spans a variety of use cases involving internal and external data releases and varied data types, such as physician claims, prescription data and hospital admissions.

With the Eclipse Risk implementation for a government agency, for example, Santa provided re-identification assessments on complex datasets. She also delivered training and ongoing coaching on effective risk measurement and data anonymization. This project involved medical data from millions of individuals.

Santa’s client-driven insights make her a vital resource in improving our processes for software implementation, support and service delivery. She is relentlessly expanding her knowledge and qualifications for the benefit of our clients, with new certifications in data analytics, big data and predictive analytics.

This expertise is being applied to new projects to improve our service delivery. For example, Santa is developing a simplified way of de-identifying data using the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Common Data Model (OMOP CDM). This model is a global project that involves stakeholders from around the world. The goal is to create open-source solutions that bring out the value of observational health data through large-scale analytics while ensuring that the data is anonymized.

“The privacy space is such a new space – there are always new challenges,” Santa said. “I do enjoy the problem-solving and having a happy customer who can now do something useful and valuable with their data which they couldn’t before.”

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