Our Methodology

Remove what’s personal from your data.
Preserve what's valuable to your business.

Unlock the power of your data

Taking the right approach to data anonymization is critical to earn trust, avoid a privacy violation and ensure the utility of your data isn’t lost. It empowers you to use your data with confidence—to innovate, to grow your business and to improve the services that you deliver.

Are you taking the right approach?

Other methods undermine your data’s value

Many anonymization service providers “mask” data or apply simple rules that ignore the context in which data will be used or shared. This can easily reduce the utility of the data, potentially limiting innovation and new sources of revenue.

Watch this short video to learn more about the critical differences between data masking, de-identification and anonymization.


A risk-based approach delivers the best results

With risk-based anonymization, commercial and societal value can be unlocked from even the most sensitive personal data without compromising individual privacy or regulatory compliance.

Privacy Analytics has been setting the global standard for risk-based anonymization of personal information since 2007. Our methodology is recognized and aligned with global standards and best practices from around the world.

Learn more about the value and benefits of a risk-based approach by watching our video “What is Risk-Based Anonymization?”

Why should you trust our methodology?

Privacy Analytics’ methodology is a scalable and proportionate approach to compliance, resulting in service and software solutions that ensure data are useful while being sufficiently protected.

This methodology has been developed and is continuously refined based on:

  1. Precedents established by reputable organizations
  2. Regulatory guidance
  3. Engagement with global standards-setting bodies
  4. Working hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their evolving needs

“In a context where the privacy landscape is changing faster than ever, our Agile development team iterates quickly to solve our clients’ core challenge: maximizing their data value while protecting privacy.” 

Khaldoun El Abidine,

Director of Technology, Privacy Analytics

“We devote a lot of effort keeping up to date with evolving regulations and the changing expectations around privacy in the market. This translates into innovative and effective products and solutions for our clients.”

Santa Borel,

Senior Data Scientist, Privacy Analytics

How we achieve the outcome you need

Our structured approach to evaluate identifiability depends on the intended use-case for the data.

We consider:

Who will use your data

The physical and digital environment in which they have access

The potential for any kind of data breach

These assessments enable us to arrive at an overall measure of identifiability. Our measures of identifiability are used to inform you on what must be done from a technical, operational and strategic level to maintain the utility of your data while maintaining privacy.

We can then apply our proven processes and proprietary algorithms to de-identify your data to an appropriate threshold based on established benchmarks.

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