Khaldoun Zine El-Abidine

Khaldoun Zine El-Abidine,

Sr. Director of Technology, Privacy Analytics

Khaldoun Zine El-Abidine brings more than 17 years of product engineering and team leadership experience to the table as Privacy Analytics’ Director of Technology. He aligns technical requirements to clients’ desired business outcomes across the full spectrum of product innovation. This helps clients to develop new sources of revenue and to drive advances in patient health.

This means that Khaldoun is as much a strategic business leader as he is a technical leader. He works hand-in-hand with clients to understand the realities they face from all angles –the unique use cases for their data, the operational needs of their business, their IT landscape and their data privacy requirements.

In his view, technology, people and processes must function in concert. It’s not enough to simply deliver the outcomes that our clients require today – Privacy Analytics must also architect the capacity that will enable them to scale for tomorrow.

Khaldoun takes pride in working with passionate people who represent a mix of world-class expertise that is rarely found anywhere else. In true Agile fashion, his product development team iterates frequently to expedite value delivery to clients, while continuously accounting for market-driven insights. This keeps Privacy Analytics at the forefront of technology trends.

Khaldoun has built several large-scale customer-facing applications in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With one project for a top 10 global pharmaceutical company, Khaldoun led the development of a privacy solution underpinning a strategic AIML program for drug development. This leveraged a combination of product, services and an end-to-end problem-solving approach – all tailored to the client’s context and needs. In another case, Khaldoun led an AIML initiative for a top medical device company to safely pool data from multiple jurisdictions.

“Our culture across the board is fundamentally focused on addressing the true customer need,” Khaldoun says. “Not on force-fitting a product, service or solution – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We’re only getting started, and I feel privileged to help with Privacy Analytics’ growth.”

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