Reputation Management

Earn the trust that comes with appropriately protecting individual privacy

A reputation for data privacy opens the door to confidently driving value from sensitive data.

Insufficient or inappropriate data privacy management leaves your organization exposed to a variety of internal and external re-identification threats.

Trusted data users can inadvertently recognize people they know well, or motivated outsiders – like hackers, students, or journalists – can intentionally expose someone in your data.

The penalties for invading privacy can be serious, regardless of intent.

Non-compliance can result in hefty fines. And loss of trust in a highly competitive market can impact a company’s share value, disrupt innovation, and reduce overall revenue potential.

Ultimately, poor data privacy management can end up harming the people you most want to help: people who require the advanced treatments that come from collecting and analyzing insight-rich data.

Manage the risk in your data and earn organizational trust.

Some companies we work with are required to provide vital data on clinical outcomes and the efficacy of their products.

If they want to use the data for any other purpose, they need to ensure it is appropriately de-identified in order to be compliant with legal requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.

“Our clients really value having documented evidence of their due diligence in managing re-identification risk. It allows them to use and share their anonymized data with confidence, knowing they are covering all of their bases.”

Grant Middleton, Head of Solution Architecture, Privacy Analytics
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Earn a reputation for great data privacy with Privacy Analytics

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Get ahead of a potential data privacy emergency. Work with our experts to measure the level of risk in your data. Create a plan to protect the privacy of the people represented in your data.

Health Data Products

Working with a massive health data set? Our specialized software lets you measure the risk of re-identification. It also lets you safely anonymize at scale, fast.

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