Anonymization Services

Anonymization as a Service

Privacy Analytics as an Extension of your Team

If your organization needs to anonymize data and doesn’t want to invest in it as a core capability, then consider our customized and scalable anonymization service.

Regardless of your industry, your data will be treated with strategies and processes that are practical, proven and scalable, designed for use across multiple highly regulated markets and jurisdictions.

Whether you need…

Expanded data handling capabilities

More value from your data

Improved stakeholder trust

Our anonymization services team has worked with world-leading data innovators and is ready to help you. Step 1 is booking a free consultation with one of our 100+ privacy experts.

Looking for DICOM Anonymization Services?

How the Anonymization Process Works

We evaluate your data, review context-specific information, and work with you to understand your analytic priorities.



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We use that information to develop a custom anonymization strategy.



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We perform anonymization in our secure environment with our industry-leading Eclipse Risk software.



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You get your anonymized data set and a detailed, legally defensible report outlining the steps taken to protect privacy and ensure the data is not identifying.



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Who benefits most from anonymization as a service?

Anonymization as a Service might be your best choice, if one or more of the following are true:


you have low or unpredictable demand for anonymization;


you don’t have the organizational capacity to successfully anonymize data in house, at scale (e.g. funds for the software, hardware, cloud and staff required); or


you have made a risk decision to outsource anonymization.

Find out how your organization would benefit from our anonymization services

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