Privacy Analytics Platform for Data De-Identification and Governance

The Privacy Analytics Platform empowers your compliant use of sensitive data – at scale

Protect privacy efficiently and in a scalable way

Privacy Analytics’ flexible, extensible platform – with technology and commercial software options – enables you to put your sensitive information to work. 

You’ll be able to automate safe processes for sourcing, linking, combining, reusing, and sharing protected information. This includes auditable proof of compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines.

Proven & Trusted

Trillions of sensitive data records protected across jurisdictions globally for over a decade.

Privacy Analytics software “allows for appropriate security safeguards to protect the data based on an empirically assessed risk of re-identification in the recipient environment.”

Anita Fineberg
LL.B., CIPP/C, Privacy Lawyer and Consultant

Speed & Scale

Works at scale, on terabyte-sized datasets, and at a speed that cuts access from weeks to seconds.

Privacy Analytics software “scales and we apply this regularly to our data set of over 50 billion data points at a time.”

Gabriel Eichler
VP & Head of Data, Data24, Novartis

Frontiers of Digital Transformation in Drug R&D
Keynote presentation at 2021 CDOIQ Symposium

Privacy Analytics Platform

Modular & Extensible

Modular platform with advanced functionality for all data types across various use cases.

“CancerLinQ utilizes Privacy Analytics Eclipse software to perform Expert Determination de-identification.”

Published on Oct 26, 2020, in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, an American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal

IQVIA (Privacy Analytics) recognized as a Strong Performer in Gartner Peer Insights™ 2023 Voice of the Customer for Data Masking report and our Eclipse software received a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Gartner Peer Insights

Recognized as #1 Data Masking Provider Worldwide for ‘Technology Excellence’ in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2023 Data Masking SPARK Matrix

Prioritized Advanced Specialization Partner (technically validated by Microsoft Azure) with the ability for buyers to transact in the Azure Marketplace.

Solution Features

The Privacy Analytics Platform extends the power of our core Eclipse software for structured data. The platform adds powerful capabilities for de-identification of unstructured data types, enables data governance, and optimizes workflows for information sharing.

Our software is unmatched in its breadth – across complex data types, formats, and use cases – and its depth of privacy protection options, which are easily configurable for flexibility and scale.

The Privacy Analytics Platform is a proven de-identification system, having protected trillions of structured data records, millions of image files, and millions of pages of dense clinical text. Our de-identification software and methods have undergone motivated intruder testing, including tests commissioned independently. Our software will transform all individual identifiers, such as names, age and zip code, to ensure you protect your subjects’ information.

The Privacy Analytics Platform comprises two key dimensions:

Insight Optimization

Get the richest possible information from our proven technology and capabilities

Maximize the value of your datasets with flexible data transformation options:

  • Diverse masking capabilities
  • Randomization
  • Pseudonymization
  • Generalizations
  • Date-shifting
  • Outlier suppression
  • Targeted suppression
  • Ruleset automation
  • Noise injection
  • Redaction (e.g., for pixel data)
  • Safe linkage capabilities

Ensure usable longitudinal data with features to preserve referential integrity and support arbitrary complexity in data schemas.

Cut time to value with industry-specific, out-of-the-box automatic de-identification privacy strategies.

Drive speed and scale up by integrating our de-identification software into your own cloud or on-premises environment using our APIs.

Safely unleash the value of unstructured data, including sensitive medical record information, that can drive healthcare improvements and innovation in medicine with de-identification.

Enrich the value of your structured data by safely incorporating free text, image data, genetic/genomic, and audio-visual file information  into your research.

Accelerate your clinical information sharing programs with our advanced handling of key standards, such as OMOP and CDISC.

Optimize your information flows for speed, scale, and results by selecting the deployment model for your specific safe data needs – on-premises, in your cloud, or as a managed service.

Integration with proven data governance software for access to the right data by right people at the right times.

Compliance Optimization

Meet diverse privacy and regulatory obligations globally with auditable proof of privacy compliance

See and manage the risks in your information with our risk intelligence and risk visualization software:

  • Re-identification risk by data variable
  • Combined risk across data variables
  • Contextual risk scores, including for:
    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Data-sharing platforms
    • Data consumer types
    • Data sensitivity
  • Measures of data utility
  • Uniqueness in a population
  • Other risk metrics & risk visualization aids

Earn trust with stakeholders by adopting the ISO Privacy enhancing data de-identification framework (ISO/IEC 27559:2022) when working with protected information.

Get peace of mind that people won’t be identified in your data thanks to proven risk measures and statistical analysis that demonstrate individual information is de-identified.

Consistently measure contextual risk factors to effectively manage an unlimited number of information use cases, environments, and recipients.

Eliminate homegrown de-identification systems and scripts that may add cost and information security risk to your data environments.

Avoid unnecessary trade-offs between different privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) by benefiting from the right PET combination for your use case in our flexible platform.

Be transparent and confident you’re protecting your stakeholders with software built on trusted, published, peer-reviewed de-identification methodology.

Automate the throughput of safe, compliant information by integrating elements of the Privacy Analytics Platform into your data pipeline, benefitting from our enterprise features for information security, reporting, and auditability.

Automated data governance, provisioning, and watermarking to manage data provenance and compliance with de-identification regulations.

Are you leaving value on the table with your data strategy?

The Privacy Analytics Platform is a proven system, having protected trillions of structured data records, millions of image files, and millions of pages of dense clinical text.  Our de-identification software and methods have undergone motivated intruder testing, including tests commissioned independently.

Technical Information

Data security is important to you. That’s why we designed our de-identification software to run on your company’s infrastructure without our intervention. You can install the Privacy Analytics Platform, including Eclipse software, on-premises or in your secure private cloud (Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud). Our de-identification software requires no Internet or external data access, allowing you to operate in an airtight environment.

You can also use cloud-native cluster computing services like Amazon EMR or Azure Databricks to take advantage of on-demand resource allocation and auto-scaling, resulting in a better user experience at a lower cost. Our de-identification software also natively supports several cloud storage options and technologies.

For Azure users, we are an Advanced Specialization and prioritized partner available on the Azure Marketplace, enabling Azure clients to safely unlock value from protected data and benefit from eligibility for MACC retirement.

The Privacy Analytics Platform embraces privacy and security by design, reading from input data, transforming in memory, and writing safe data into new tables/files on the output. Our core modules include enterprise security features such as data encryption in transit and at rest, integration with Active Directory, LDAP, Open ID, and granular permission management through role-based access control (RBAC). These safety measures will help protect the medical and health information and other data you are working with.

Combining our proven technology with the expertise of 100+ professionals specializing in data privacy and enablement, we work with you to identify (and configure where appropriate) the optimal solution for your information and de-identification needs. Whether it’s as a managed service or commercial software you operate in your environment, we ensure you get the right solution to accelerate your results. We will provide you with the tools and support necessary to successfully manage your research information.

The Privacy Analytics Platform is underpinned by our proven, trusted process for protecting individual privacy while enabling data to be used for widespread benefits. Our team monitors and remains apprised of regulatory updates and guidelines, emerging best practices, and applicable standards so that you can have confidence you’re keeping pace with privacy expectations in the jurisdictions you operate.

With the power of our de-identification technology comes the support of our team. Our flexible engagement model prioritizes your success, giving you confidence in your data strategies and implementation plans and allowing you to benefit from our support organization in whatever deployment model you need. 

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Archiving / Destroying

Are you unleashing the full value of data you retain?

Your Challenges

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Value Retention

Client Success

Client: Comcast

Situation: California’s Consumer Privacy Act inspired Comcast to evolve the way in which they protect the privacy of customers who consent to share personal information with them.


Are you achieving intended outcomes from data?

Your Challenge

Do you need help...


Unbiased Results

Client Success


Situation:’s AI-powered tech helps clients improve their online experience by sharing signals about website visitor intent. They wanted to ensure privacy remained fully protected within the machine learning / AI context that produces these signals.


Do the right people have the right data?

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Usable and Reusable Data

Client Success

Client: Novartis

Situation: Novartis’ digital transformation in drug R&D drives their need to maximize value from vast stores of clinical study data for critical internal research enabled by their data42 platform.



Are you empowering people to safely leverage trusted data?

Your Challenges

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Security / compliance efficiency


Client: ASCO’s CancerLinQ

Situation: CancerLinQ™, a subsidiary of American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a rapid learning healthcare system that helps oncologists aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. To achieve this goal, they must de-identify patient data provided by subscribing practices across the U.S.


Acquiring / Collecting

Are you acquiring the right data? Do you have appropriate consent?

Your Challenge

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Consent / Contracting strategy

Client Success

Client: IQVIA

Situation: Needed to ensure the primary market research process was fully compliant with internal policies and regulations such as GDPR. 



Are You Effectively Planning for Success?

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Build privacy in by design

Client Success

Client: Nuance

Situation: Needed to enable AI-driven product innovation with a defensible governance program for the safe and responsible use
of voice-to-text data under Shrems II.


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