Structured Patient Data (e.g. SDTM, ADaM)

Quickly and effectively anonymize your structured patient data

The challenge of safe and responsible data sharing

Structured clinical trial data is a highly valuable resource that benefits new analytics, innovation and research. At the same time, this patient-level data contains a significant amount of sensitive information about trial participants. That’s why it should first be anonymized to prevent participant re-identification and ensure their privacy.  With regulations such as the General Data Protection RegulationGDPR, this privacy protection is even more important. What is the best approach to achieve this privacy without eroding the utility, or usefulness, of your data?

Simple rules are not enough

The traditional approach to anonymize structured trial data involves the application of simple rules.

But this approach lacks the granularity to strike the right balance between privacy and utility.


Sarah Lyons outlines a value-adding alternative.

Unlock the full potential of your data

We offer an agile and scalable approach to cost-effectively anonymize your structured trial data called Anonymization-as-a-Service.

With Privacy Analytics’ software, our health data experts automate much of the process of risk-based anonymization.

This enables you to:

Save Time & Money
Rapidly initiate or expand clinical trial transparency initiatives with minimal up-front investment.

Earn Trust
Meet existing standards, guidelines and best practices for anonymization.

Drive Value
Safely turn trial data into a powerful asset in fostering transparency and health innovation.

Be Agile
Rely on existing anonymization experts to scale your data sharing program quickly and easily.

Scale anonymization efforts and investments based on demand for data.

Be Efficient
Use the same vendor and statistical method to anonymize both your clinical trial data and documents.

Client Success

  • Helped a global drug manufacturer deliver over 100 compliant datasets in just 7 months
  • 22% cost-savings realized from process efficiency

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