Clinical Trial Transparency

Turn transparency into greater value for your enterprise.

The deadlines and pressures are real

Regulatory deadlines are getting more stringent. Timelines to fulfill data requests are getting tighter. Pressure to uphold your company’s reputation has never been more apparent.

So what’s your best move? How do you turn the need for transparency into something of strategic value?

Sarah Lyons describes an approach to help drive your transparency goals.

“Privacy Analytics enables sponsors to deliver the insight-rich data needed to drive greater advances in patient health.”

Rebecca Li, Executive Director, Vivli, and faculty member at the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics

When you think about clinical trial transparency, what need comes to mind first?

“I need to earn the trust that a positive brand image conveys.”

“I need to scale transparency – quickly, affordably, and safely.”

“I need help ensuring my transparency team is seen as a strategic corporate asset.”

Why trust Privacy Analytics with your trial transparency?


80%* of the dossiers published by EMA that used a statistical method were anonymized by Privacy Analytics.
*as of June 2020


9 of the top 10 global pharma companies listed on PharmExec’s Top 50 have trusted Privacy Analytics services.


Hundreds of clinical documents anonymized every year through the efforts of over 50 in-house experts dedicated to helping sponsors achieve transparency.

A risk-based approach protects privacy.
More proof:

As published in Trials journal (February 2020), a Novartis clinical study anonymized by Privacy Analytics for publication under EMA Policy 0070 protected privacy under a commissioned attack.

Aligned with global regulations, standards, and guidelines

Privacy Analytics provides a risk-based methodology that offers high data quality aligned with globally accepted regulations, standards and guidelines for anonymization.

This includes European Medicines Agency, EU General Data Protection Regulation, Health Canada, HIPAA, HITRUST Alliance, Institute of Medicine, and PhUSE.

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Archiving / Destroying

Are you unleashing the full value of data you retain?

Your Challenges

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Value Retention

Client Success

Client: Comcast

Situation: California’s Consumer Privacy Act inspired Comcast to evolve the way in which they protect the privacy of customers who consent to share personal information with them.


Are you achieving intended outcomes from data?

Your Challenge

Do you need help...


Unbiased Results

Client Success


Situation:’s AI-powered tech helps clients improve their online experience by sharing signals about website visitor intent. They wanted to ensure privacy remained fully protected within the machine learning / AI context that produces these signals.


Do the right people have the right data?

Your Challenges

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Usable and Reusable Data

Client Success

Client: Novartis

Situation: Novartis’ digital transformation in drug R&D drives their need to maximize value from vast stores of clinical study data for critical internal research enabled by their data42 platform.



Are you empowering people to safely leverage trusted data?

Your Challenges

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Security / compliance efficiency


Client: ASCO’s CancerLinQ

Situation: CancerLinQ™, a subsidiary of American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a rapid learning healthcare system that helps oncologists aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. To achieve this goal, they must de-identify patient data provided by subscribing practices across the U.S.


Acquiring / Collecting

Are you acquiring the right data? Do you have appropriate consent?

Your Challenge

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Consent / Contracting strategy

Client Success

Client: IQVIA

Situation: Needed to ensure the primary market research process was fully compliant with internal policies and regulations such as GDPR. 



Are You Effectively Planning for Success?

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Build privacy in by design

Client Success

Client: Nuance

Situation: Needed to enable AI-driven product innovation with a defensible governance program for the safe and responsible use
of voice-to-text data under Shrems II.


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