Meysam Safari

Meysam Safari,

Data Scientist

Meysam Safari works with Privacy Analytics’ clients to carry out risk analysis and develop risk measurement models for the anonymization of their datasets. He is part of a team of data scientists who specialize in privacy issues and topics to ensure our methodology and tools continue to lead the industry.

During his career, Meysam has dealt with a variety of datasets in healthcare as well as financial services, with clients from all over the world. Within healthcare, his experience has included insurance claim data, hospital records, longitudinal pharmacy records, EMR data from specialists, specialized pharmacy data and medical device data.

Meysam’s work has involved many complex projects that required linkage of data from multiple sources. He had to analyze re-identification risk and develop an anonymization strategy that was acceptable to all stakeholders.

Communication is key to execute on projects of this scale and complexity. Meysam always communicates closely with clients, to ensure he has a deep understanding of what utility their anonymized data must have. This is essential to strike that delicate balance between retaining as much analytical value as possible without compromising patient privacy.

Meysam has also worked on a number of projects that required a highly customized anonymization strategy. For example, he recently anonymized a dataset that included all Medicaid-related medical/dental records for the entire population of a U.S. state. The strategy adopted reflected the client’s analytical priorities and data utility needs.

“Among the fascinating things that I see at Privacy Analytics is its collegial culture of debate and discussion on methodology, tools and approaches,” Meysam says.  “This has led to continuous improvements in our methodology, tools, execution and deliverables.”

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