Grant Middleton

Grant Middleton,

Head of Solution Architecture

Grant Middleton applies 10 years of experience gained in the privacy technology field to help clients earn trust, safely innovate with sensitive data and adhere to privacy regulations.

His team handles any project outside of our Clinical Trial Transparency practice that involves anonymizing or assessing the identifiability of a dataset. Grant often helps clients that have turned to Privacy Analytics for validation that their datasets have been sufficiently anonymized.

The scale and scope of Grant’s work varies widely. It can involve many different jurisdictions around the world, each with its own particular regulatory requirements. The datasets in question are used for many different purposes. These include research into healthcare improvement, software development and quality assurance, or for machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Some projects involve very large and detailed datasets that cover many domains of information – millions of lives and billions of records. Others involve much smaller datasets, involving only tens or hundreds of people, that may pertain, for example, to a rare disease. His team also works with non-health data such as consumer, telecom and financial data.

Grant has been with Privacy Analytics for over a decade – he was part of the original team that launched the company. He is that team player who can always draw from past challenges to help tackle a current one. His resume spans hundreds of projects over the years and he has distilled this knowledge into a number of implementation guidelines on anonymizing personal information.

“We are never satisfied, we are always improving,” Grant says. “Many of the datasets we are dealing with today didn’t exist when Privacy Analytics began. They hold so much value we should make use of them for innovation that benefits everyone. But only if we can ensure that individual privacy is protected.”

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