Michael McTaggart

Michael McTaggart,

CTT Business Leader

Michael McTaggart is an executive with a passion for leading and developing high-performing teams. He takes a hands-on approach with clients to ensure their engagement with Privacy Analytics supports their long-term business objectives for clinical trial transparency.

Client success and teamwork have defined Michael’s career for over 35 years. He is a seasoned leader with a long track record in forging lasting client relationships through a variety of roles – President, Chief Operating Officer, VP Operations, Portfolio Director, Director Professional Services and Engagement/Program Manager. His focus has always been on building and leading teams that have the tools, training and client-centric mindset to pursue their work with passion and pride.

Michael’s role at Privacy Analytics levers all this experience. His emphasis is always on what more can be done for the client and what greater value can be delivered by helping them to develop an intentional customer journey. He has proven himself to be a strategic thinker with the energy and talent to help CTT clients achieve their objectives and solve their strategic business challenges.

Michael truly does want clients to share their challenges and call him up whenever they face unexpected hurdles. He thrives on the opportunity to muster cross-functional teams that will solve the problem. The approach that he always takes is to consider himself the client’s advocate within Privacy Analytics.

“I bring the business acumen to handle clients’ business problems and maximize the value of their investment with Privacy Analytics,” Michael says. “I don’t want to just achieve client satisfaction, I want our teams to delight our clients.”

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