Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker,

Senior Research Engineer

Andrew’s rigorous oversight ensures Privacy Analytics’ methodology remains internally consistent and robust as it evolves in response to our clients’ growing data usage requirements.

With his emphasis on quality assurance, Andrew is always gauging how shifting market realities impact the models we use to assess the likelihood of re-identification in a dataset and determine the best anonymization approach. These models can’t remain static given how the regulatory landscape and the secondary applications for sensitive data continue to change across industries.

Andrew has risen to this role after years supporting the development of our Eclipse software platform and working hand-in-hand with clients to balance their privacy and data usage goals. Take, for example, Andrew’s efforts beyond healthcare to adapt our methodologies to serve clients in telecommunications and transportation.

With two different clients in these industries, Andrew identified unique conditions that warranted adaptation of our methods to ensure privacy protection and high data utility. In situations such as these, Andrew works with the client to understand their domain and determine what assumptions are appropriate to accurately measure the identifiability and the vulnerabilities of the data in question. From this measurement, custom tools are created to supplement our standard solutions. The end result is a tailored approach that ensures the anonymized dataset is of the highest quality and utility.

Andrew has also played an instrumental role as part of the small team that developed and launched our Clinical Trial Transparency (CTT) business. He and his colleagues adapted Privacy Analytics’ methodology and created our CTT toolset. This toolset effectively and efficiently identifies, assesses and anonymizes the reams of structured and unstructured data found in clinical trial reports.

“People are becoming more concerned and more aware about how any of their data may be used – the push is on for organizations and regulators to adopt greater protections for more types of data,” Andrew said. “At Privacy Analytics, we are committed to helping clients across industries lever their data responsibly and earn the trust that will support their long-term growth.”

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