Health Data Privacy

Protect privacy while safely driving value from your sensitive health data

Reduce the risk.
Reap the rewards.

With Privacy Analytics you can safely de-identify health data to the highest standard, while preserving its utility.


Sarah Lyons on safely gaining business value from your sensitive data.​

Anne Kimbol

“Data de-identification is a powerful tool and mindset for ensuring privacy and stakeholder trust. If you want to earn stakeholder trust in the privacy and safety of your health data, you need to work with a world class data privacy solutions provider like Privacy Analytics.”

Anne Kimbol

Assistant General Counsel – Chief Privacy Officer


When you think about your health data, what’s #1 on your mind?

“I want to get (GDPR/HIPAA/CCPA) compliant and get ahead of a potential data privacy crisis.”

“I need to stop, minimize or avoid reputational damage, right now.”

“I am looking to safely drive business value from my sensitive health data.”

“Working with Privacy Analytics helps us deliver the seamless, personalized experience modern consumers expect, while also respecting their privacy and thereby earning their trust.”

Tom Henry, formerly Chief Data Officer at Express Scripts (currently at Schnucks)

Tom Henry

Why trust Privacy Analytics with your health data privacy?


Thousands of datasets assessed over 12+ years in business

Fortune 500

More than half the healthcare companies on the Fortune 500 swear by Privacy Analytics


4 books published. We literally wrote the book on health data anonymization

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