Stephen Korte

Stephen Korte,

Senior Data Scientist

Stephen’s expertise in computational physics and software development is instrumental as Privacy Analytics continues to refine the tools that we employ to help our clients unlock the full potential of their data.

He is intimately familiar with the inner workings of our software platforms and our methodology. This insight makes him a valuable mentor for our clients as they navigate the complex world of privacy regulation to use their data for innovation and business growth.

Over the years, Stephen has served in an advisory role with a variety of our clients in healthcare as well as financial services, advertising, utilities and government. He has come to specialize in Clinical Trial Transparency (CTT). This new and challenging field assesses and anonymizes clinical trial studies and datasets from multinational pharmaceutical companies.

With one pharma client, for example, Stephen worked in an advisory role to help its team develop its own CTT program. He assessed the current state of the client’s program and provided recommendations on how techniques and governance practices could be improved. This helped the client prepare to scale up to its goal of processing reports from 100 different clinical trials.

With other clients, Stephen has served as a team leader and personally anonymized trial data. This includes leading pilot projects with pharma companies to demonstrate that our CTT methodology can be trusted to safely and responsibly achieve their anonymization goals.

Stephen joined our team from an academic background because he wanted the challenge of solving complicated problems in an industry setting where he could see the results have a real-world impact. This continues to hold true.

“I am always looking at how we can do better and be better to enhance the value we deliver to our clients.” says Stephen. “It’s important that they can continue to innovate with sensitive data in a manner that is safe for them and safe for the individual.”

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