2-Day Intensive Data De-Identification Training Course

Driving data value requires careful consideration beyond legal compliance under GDPR, HIPAA and state-level laws like CCPA.

Once you’ve completed this two-day course, you’ll know what’s required to maximize data utility while meeting your organization’s regulatory and privacy obligations.

Understand data de-identification and learn how to protect privacy

This course is designed to give you a better understanding of the HITRUST De-Identification Framework. You’ll learn about practical methods and tools used to render data non-identifiable (for example, de-identified under the HIPAA “Expert Determination” method; or anonymized under GDPR).

The primary material is delivered online or in-person by an instructor over two full days—either using a virtual environment, or privately, on-site at your own location.

“Privacy Analytics’ training course provides a straightforward, pragmatic and accessible methodology to safely leverage sensitive data while protecting privacy. It’s helped me achieve greater confidence in bridging the legal, operational, business and technical aspects of data de-identification to ensure more seamless, efficient outcomes.”

Abigail Dubiniecki, Lawyer at nNovation LLP and Data Privacy Specialist at My Inhouse Lawyer

Learning Objectives and Benefits

What you will learn…

  • Key principles behind measuring identifiability and establishing defensible thresholds to render data non-identifiable.
  • How to apply de-identification to protect privacy while leveraging the power of your data.
  • Risk management and reporting necessary to provide auditable proof you’ve taken consistent, defensible steps toward protecting privacy.

The benefits to you and your organization…

  • Safely leverage sensitive data for analytics that drive priority business outcomes.
  • Align business and privacy teams to protect your organization’s sensitive data and uncover its untapped value.
  • Improve the efficiency of your data analysis and management operations by integrating industry-leading techniques with your existing processes and procedures.

Who Needs to Know About Data De-Identification?

This course is designed for professionals working in…








and other domains.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 –
Legal Considerations

A discussion of the legal bases for using and disclosing information for secondary purposes under HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR, and when each can be applied.

Module 2 –
Concepts and Definitions

An overview of known re-identification attacks, analysis of different data release models and classification of identifiers.

Module 3 –
Risk Measurement Concepts

An introduction to equivalence classes, and discussion of various risk types & metrics, and their relevance to various anonymization use cases.

Module 4 –
Analysis of Context Risk

Descriptions of different types of attacks and how to evaluate the risk of them re-identifying data subjects. This module also covers choosing an acceptable threshold for the risk of re-identification based on the characteristics of the dataset.

Module 5 –
Data Transformation Methods

Methods to mask direct identifiers and de-identify quasi-identifiers.

Module 6 –
Risk Management and Reporting

Determining if the risk is below an acceptable threshold. Creating a report and documenting that the risk of re-identification is very small.

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The HITRUST De-Identification Framework offers a consistent, managed methodology for data de-identification and the sharing of compliance and risk information.

HITRUST Academy® offers training to increase knowledge of data privacy protection to help professionals navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

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