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Safely disclose clinical trial
data and documents

With so many stakeholders demanding more transparency, the pressure for drug makers to safely disclose clinical data and documents has never been higher. And as pressure rises, so too does the bar for privacy. You need solutions that both maximize transparency and protect the privacy of trial participants.

This opens the door for your company to share insight-rich trial information that boosts your brand image while driving advances in patient health.

Maximize clinical trial transparency while ensuring participant privacy

Privacy Analytics solutions remove what is identifying while preserving what is useful for research and secondary analysis. This approach not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements (EMA Policy 0070, as just one example), it also maximizes data transparency.

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Anonymization as
a Service

Get efficient, reliable services to anonymize your documents and data with statistical proof of privacy protection and compliance.

Eclipse Trials

Automate the anonymization of structured individual patient data by integrating Eclipse Trials in your own IT environment.

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