Transparency Efficiency Optimization

Achieve transparency at scale

Share clinical data and documents. Quickly, affordably and safely.

Regulatory deadlines have gotten tighter. Deadlines to deliver data requests are getting more stringent. This means you not only need to anonymize a high volume of documents and data. You also need to do it safely, quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Feeling the pressure?

Get high efficiency and protect privacy at-scale: anonymization backed by statistical proof.

With both regulators and the industry moving unswervingly to defensible anonymization, redaction is going the way of the horse-and-buggy. Privacy Analytics solutions, by contrast, give you high-performance anonymization at scale, with statistical proof of compliance and privacy protection.

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Feeling the pressure of meeting tight timelines and protecting privacy?

Anonymization as
a Service

Get efficient, reliable services to anonymize your documents and data. You’ll drive data value while meeting regulatory requirements within deadlines.

Eclipse Trials

Get efficient anonymization of structured individual patient data to satisfy both internal analytics and external data sharing needs.

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