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These services will help you strengthen privacy protection and safeguard your reputation. Feel free to choose one of the following or ask about a custom package for your organization.

Re-identification Risk Determination (RRD) for Data

We work with you to:


Review an anonymized (or de-identified) dataset and assess the identifiability of your data, taking into account the specifics of your data release scenario.


Review your data protection plan before you launch, determining the extent to which it safeguards individual privacy.


Understand your overall data environment and context, making suggestions to improve privacy protection as you go forward.

If you’re actively pursuing HIPAA De-Identification and Expert Determination or anonymization under GDPR or CCPA, working with Privacy Analytics on an RRD is a great first step.

Re-identification Risk Determination (RRD) for DICOM

This service is the same as the RRD for Data, but it’s designed specifically for your Digital Imaging and Communication (DICOM) records. If you’re not sure the medical data your company wants to leverage is compliant with applicable regulations, such as HIPAA, CCPA or GDPR, we can work together to find out.

Re-Identification Risk Determination & Anonymization (RRDA) for Data and DICOM

An RRDA includes everything in the RRD above plus we work together to anonymize (or de-identify) your dataset. This gives your organization the confidence you need to share data under regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA or CCPA.

Motivated Intruder Testing

A motivated intruder test asks if a reasonably competent person could identify people in your dataset. This test can determine whether the identifiability of your dataset is below the threshold for your regulatory environment.

How we assess your data

There are 5 steps in a typical RRD or RRDA. Your team will be fully informed and involved with each step, providing key inputs and helping with critical decision making.

We review your encrypted data in our secure data enclave. (Ask us about any specific data location requirements.)



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We work with you to analyze and understand the context of your specific data release scenario (every data release is different)



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We evaluate your data, using our industry-leading Eclipse Risk software to determine its potential for identifiability. For an RRDA we also anonymize your data.



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If any further anonymization strategies are needed to reduce the identifiability of your data, we work with you to determine what’s appropriate for your data scenario. This can include data transformations or data protection mechanisms, or both.



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After the work is complete, you get a comprehensive report documenting the results of the work, the details of the methodology utilized, and all relevant supporting materials. For an RRDA you also get the final, anonymized dataset.



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