Brian Rasquinha

Brian Rasquinha,

Senior Solutions Architect

Brian draws on his expertise in privacy regulation and anonymization to determine what combination of Privacy Analytics’ will best support the immediate and long-term needs of each of our clients.

Successful implementation is Brian’s key focus, whether the client’s goal is to use sensitive data to improve service delivery, drive product development or grow revenue. He works with our sales teams to provide client training and coaching at that critical intersection of privacy compliance and data usage.

On the data services side, Brian applies the quantitative and statistical approach to problem-solving that comes from his engineering background. He assesses the likelihood that people can be re-identified from sensitive data and advises clients on the best anonymization approach to ensure they can safely use or share their data.

Brian’s frontline experience helps ensure that our products and services remain relevant and forward-looking in their design, functionality and relevance as the regulatory environment for data usage and privacy continues to evolve.

Take, for example, medical imaging that can contain metadata stuffed with patient identifiers. Medical imaging is increasingly being used for secondary research purposes. The metadata must be anonymized and even the image itself analyzed to ensure a patient’s privacy is protected. Brian has successfully led a number of client projects to adapt our methodology and processes to anonymize medical images.

This insight into the evolution of privacy regulation and data use is also supporting our gradual expansion beyond healthcare. Regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s new Consumer Privacy Act is rapidly making privacy compliance a critical business priority across industries. Brian has his finger on the pulse of all of it, to ensure that every one of our clients can safely explore the full potential of their data.

“I like the variety of the privacy challenges that clients bring to us and viewing a privacy problem through a lot of different lenses,” Brian said. “I am a puzzles guy – I like the reward of solving a puzzle that has an actual impact on the health and the privacy of the average person.”

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