Luk Arbuckle

Luk Arbuckle,

Chief Methodologist

Luk provides strategic leadership to our clients and to our organization on how to responsibly share and use data. He draws from an extensive background in statistics, data science and anonymization, and from having worked on the regulatory side as Director of Technology Analysis at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

He engages in a consultative and collaborative fashion with both our client-facing teams and our clients, often serving as a senior advisor to senior decision makers. Clients rely on Luk to help define the architecture that will enable them to meet their privacy obligations while supporting innovative and scalable uses of their data.

It’s not enough just to know the science of anonymization from a technical standpoint. To truly serve a client’s needs, a methodologist must also develop their expertise from a regulatory perspective and always be forward-looking. This is where Luk truly stands out. He addresses a client’s technical and business needs together with an approach he calls “business and privacy engineering.”

Luk’s focus extends far beyond solving a particular technical challenge with data anonymization. He helps engineers in large global organizations understand the need to take the prevailing privacy and regulatory landscape into account with whatever they design and build, instead of treating it as an afterthought. This ensures that the technical side of an organization is actively supporting its strategic business outcomes.

Luk is also heavily involved on the global stage with developing international standards for data use and privacy. This puts him in the position to work with senior executives, standards-setting organizations, and other industry leaders across the spectrum of privacy laws and regulations. It’s all about developing the practical guidance that companies in any industry vertical need to responsibly share and use data. He is co-author of two books about data anonymization, as well as a numerous papers and guidance documents.

“We never sit on our laurels,” Luk said. “We’re always innovating and future-proofing what we do, to make privacy scalable and accessible to a larger swath of organizations that want to do more with their data.”

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