New De-identification Training Program Launched

Newly launched training program addresses HIPAA Certification Gap

Last week we shared the exciting news – Privacy Analytics and HITRUST Alliance are partnering to offer a new training program and certification course designed to increase the number of experts able to apply the HITRUST De-Identification Framework.

This framework, introduced early in 2015, was developed by healthcare, information security, and de-identification professionals. The HITRUST De-Identification Framework provides a consistent methodology for the de-identification of sensitive health data and the sharing of compliance and risk information among entities and stakeholders. This framework was a major milestone for de-identification as defined by HIPAA’s Expert Determination or Statistical Method: there was a lack of clear guidelines for how to approach this method prior to last year. The framework developed by HITRUST was designed to manage risk, protect privacy and achieve regulatory compliance.

The goal of this training program is to establish a professional certification that addresses the gap between the increasing need to share healthcare data responsibly and the shortage of experts trained to use a risk-based de-identification approach.

“De-identification is a key method for protecting privacy by preventing a patient’s identity from being connected with health information and is a key mechanism for allowing the sharing of health information for secondary purposes under the HIPAA Privacy Rule,” said Dr. Bryan Cline, Vice President, HITRUST. “The HITRUST De-identification Framework follows best practices and builds on many decades of experience with the de-identification of health and other data, while simplifying and streamlining the process of data sharing.”

Classes for this training will begin in May of this year at HITRUST headquarters in Frisco, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth).

This is a unique opportunity for us at Privacy Analytics. HITRUST’s de-identification framework was a huge leap forward for data privacy and utility; their guidelines follow our existing risk-based methodology. With regular requests for training courses, it highlights the need for experts in the field. With an industry leader like HITRUST at the helm, we are confident that we will increase the number of de-identification experts in the field.

To learn more about the training program visit the HITRUST Academy: Practical Applications of Data De-identification.


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