State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics

Change, Challenges and Choice

Learn why Health Data Management, FierceHealth IT, HealthIT Security, Healthcare Informatics and many other health news organizations have published articles on this groundbreaking market survey!

The survey was divided into three sections: the basics of data sharing, current uses of data, and challenges faced by the industry. Insights include types of data being shared, techniques organizations are using to share data and maintain compliance, and what organizations are looking for in a data sharing solution. Over 300 industry professionals with responsibilities around the protection and management of PHI were involved. The key goals of this survey were to gain insight into healthcare organizations needs around protecting patient privacy, the challenges they face and the approaches they are taking to minimize risk when sharing sensitive data.

Get an extensive view into the world of sharing sensitive health data for secondary purposes.

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About Our Speakers

Dr. Ester Moher is a Behavioral Economist at Privacy Analytics and a researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario’s Research Institute. She has a background in psychology, decision science, and economics, and obtained her PhD in psychology from the University of Waterloo in 2012. Ester’s main research interest is in how people share health information, especially when privacy is a concern.

As the Director of Marketing at Privacy Analytics, Sam Wehbe is a champion for responsible de-identification methodology and products. He is a veteran of many successful startups, spending over a decade and a half understanding the markets of a wide-range of innovative leading edge technologies and services. Sam holds a Master of Business Administration from Queens University.

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