Re-identification Risks for Credit Card Data

An article was published in Science magazine claiming that it is easy to re-identify credit card transaction data that has been anonymized, leading the authors to the more general and sweeping conclusion that the legal concept of personally identifiable information is “inadequate.” This article has received considerable media attention because of its strong claims.

Join us for the webinar: Re-identification Risks for Credit Card Data. We take a more detailed look at the study’s findings and its potential flaws, as well as a review of the legal requirements for sharing credit card and other financial data under U.S. laws.

Big data has transformational potential – let’s explore how companies can realize that potential, while protecting consumer privacy at the same time.

Speakers Include:

Christin McMeley, Davis Wright Tremaine
Brian Hurh, Davis Wright Tremaine
Khaled El Emam, Privacy Analytics

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