Methods for Risk-based De-id of CSRs

Understanding the Anonymization of Clinical Study Reports

As part of clinical trial data transparency initiatives, manufacturers are de-identifying and sharing clinical study reports (CSRs). To maximize the data quality in these de-identified documents, a risk-based approach must be used. The alternative has been broader redaction and removal of personal information from the CSRs, which reduces their utility for research users. Such risk-based methods have been in use for sharing individual-level patient data for some time, and now they can also be used on free-form text documents.

In this webinar, we will discuss and illustrate how risk-based analysis and de-identification can be applied to CSRs. Examples of how this process works will be provided, as well as automation to scale this to process large volumes of documents.

Speakers include:

Khaled El Emam, CEO, Privacy Analytics
Martin Scaiano, Research Analyst, Privacy Analytics

This webinar was originally recorded on August 28, 2015. Watch Methods for Risk-based De-id of CSRs on demand today!

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