The Cure-All for 21st Century Data Sharing

PharmaExec just published Privacy Analytics’ Pamela Buffone’s article, The ‘Cure’-All for 21st Century Data Sharing. In her article, Buffone looks at the revised 21st Century Cures Act – a broach reaching piece of legislation that has since been broken up. The goal of the act was to make data sharing easier, putting data into the hands of researchers quicker. Data sharing in healthcare is problematic due to the sensitive nature of the data. Solving the problem of responsible data sharing involves a key ingredient: the cure-all is risk-based de-identification.

Using the ASCO example as a best practice in data sharing, Buffone writes: “De-identification of PHI is a quicker and more responsible approach than pursuing unnecessary legal and regulatory changes. All that is needed is more encouragement and guidance to compel healthcare organizations to adopt the existing standards. This will ensure that healthcare organizations are all using the same proven approach to protect patient privacy.”

Read it here.

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