April 2022

Data Privacy Frontline Report

April 2022

Here are key highlights from April 2022 detailing global news and regulatory updates.

US & Canada

Canada’s privacy commissioner urges government to update federal privacy laws, as his appointment draws to a close

Connecticut Data Privacy Act earns final passage in the House of Representatives and will likely become the US’s fifth state privacy law

Quebec’s Bill 64 – which updates the law on protection of personal information – is summarized in a table by law firm Stikeman Elliott

US Commerce Department announces historic multilateral forum for cross-border privacy rules, including Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Chinese Taipei

US urgently needs national privacy law, says Google President of Global Affairs


EU Parliament adopts the Data Governance Act, which aims to build trust in data sharing within the EU

EU Parliament’s draft rapporteurs finalize the AI draft report, but delay addressing the most controversial issues

EU top court allows class actions for data protection infringements, as long as national law permits it

German Conference of Independent Supervisory Authorities publishes paper on scientific research and data protection, calling on research institutions to use de-identification as much as possible

Italy’s Garante issues fine for failure to anonymize data related to criminal proceedings

UK regulations and guidance on anonymisation of genomic data, as explained by Bristows LLP

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) studying use of synthetic data in financial services, with call for input

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India’s central government to introduce a new data governance framework, including procedures for data collection storage access and anonymization


Brazil proposes law to regulate the use of neural data, labelling it as sensitive personal data

Brazil Senate installs commission to regulate AI and has 120 days to deliver a proposal

Uruguay provides guidance on contractual clauses for international data transfers

Archiving / Destroying

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Value Retention

Client Success

Client: Comcast

Situation: California’s Consumer Privacy Act inspired Comcast to evolve the way in which they protect the privacy of customers who consent to share personal information with them.


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Unbiased Results

Client Success

Client: Integrate.ai

Situation: Integrate.ai’s AI-powered tech helps clients improve their online experience by sharing signals about website visitor intent. They wanted to ensure privacy remained fully protected within the machine learning / AI context that produces these signals.


Do the right people have the right data?

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Usable and Reusable Data

Client Success

Client: Novartis

Situation: Novartis’ digital transformation in drug R&D drives their need to maximize value from vast stores of clinical study data for critical internal research enabled by their data42 platform.



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Security / compliance efficiency


Client: ASCO’s CancerLinQ

Situation: CancerLinQ™, a subsidiary of American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a rapid learning healthcare system that helps oncologists aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. To achieve this goal, they must de-identify patient data provided by subscribing practices across the U.S.


Acquiring / Collecting

Are you acquiring the right data? Do you have appropriate consent?

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Consent / Contracting strategy

Client Success

Client: IQVIA

Situation: Needed to ensure the primary market research process was fully compliant with internal policies and regulations such as GDPR. 



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Build privacy in by design

Client Success

Client: Nuance

Situation: Needed to enable AI-driven product innovation with a defensible governance program for the safe and responsible use
of voice-to-text data under Shrems II.


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