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The importance of data sharing and analytics to drive evidence-based decision making has been highlighted by data science consortia and researchers alike. This paper provides an overview of the landscape of tools considered for privacy-enhancing data sharing and analytics.


There is a tremendous opportunity to use data safely and responsibility to the benefit of people and society. We see an increasing need for…


Date of Event: November 3, 2021

If you’re looking to safely use and share your organization’s sensitive data while earning trust from stakeholders, this LinkedIn Live Event is for you. Join Sarah Lyons, Head of Privacy Analytics, in a fireside chat with Len Usvyat, Vice President, Applied Data Science, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology at Fresenius Medical Care. They’ll be discussing ways to cut through the complexities of the data privacy landscape to help you move forward with confidence when leveraging data derived from information about people.

White Papers

Which strategies do you use to bolster your organization’s data-sharing initiatives? Are they primarily defensive or offensive? Which approach works best? Download this event summary to find out.

White Papers

What challenges and opportunities do you face when attempting to leverage and share sensitive data to drive innovation and increase ROI? How do other data and analytics leaders tackle this challenge? Download this event summary and find out.


In this panel replay, you’ll get tangible strategies and tactics to identify, substantiate and communicate a compelling, urgent reason to provide internal access to sensitive data or to share sensitive data assets externally.

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