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Date of Webinar: June 11, 2020

This is a co-presentation by global authorities in data and privacy, ending with a thorough, facilitated Q&A session. In the presentation, our experts share…

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Although data masking and de-identification are often grouped together for discussion, the two use different approaches in making data anonymous. Furthermore, masking and de-identification deal with different identifiers in a dataset.


Date of Webinar: June 8, 2020

Before CDOs can unlock data value, they must first understand data potential. Although many CDOs today are deep into analytics, it can be challenging…

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More and more organizations are leveraging their health data for secondary purposes. They know just locking away their data in silos will no longer suffice. De-identification can solve a host of healthcare’s most challenging issues – but it needs to be done properly first.

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Privacy Officers know that sharing data for secondary use is inherently an exercise in risk management. By effectively assessing the data’s exposure to risk, proper measures can be taken to safeguard individual privacy. It’s about achieving the right mix.

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