PHI – Managing the Risks, Reaping Potential Rewards

Unlocking PHI for secondary purposes is possible – when using a risk-based, defensible approach

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Healthcare organizations constantly worry about patients’ protected health information (PHI). It has to be kept secure and safeguarded with extreme care. Regulatory requirements on protecting PHI are strict, and any release of it can result in serious repercussions.

But PHI, carefully managed and handled, is a significant strategic asset that can enable a healthcare organization to analyze patient populations and improve the care it delivers, while increasing its operational efficiency. For healthcare IT professionals, the key is protecting patients’ protected health data, at the same time as they make it available on a real-time basis for care and operational improvement.

Some healthcare organizations are using risk-based de-identification to unlock the commercial value of PHI, while complying with ever-changing regulatory requirements governing PHI protection. This webinar will describe how organizations are using de-identification to improve business opportunities while reducing risks; information also will be provided about new tools that are making PHI a strategic asset for healthcare organizations.


Pamela Neely Buffone, VP, Product Development

This webinar was originally recorded with Health Data Management on September 14, 2015.

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