Webinar: Linklaters

Linklaters Webinar: Anonymization, pseudonymisation and the Five Safes

Luk Arbuckle, Chief Methodologist at Privacy Analytics, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada presents extracts from the new white paper: The Five Safes of Risk-Based Anonymization, co-authored with Privacy Analytics CEO Dr. Khaled El-Emam. Peter Church from Linklaters also provides interesting insight into the legal thought process behind using anonymization and pseudonymization under the GDPR.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the differences between anonyimized and pseudonymized personal data while gaining a better understanding of the application of data protection laws
  • The implications and impact associated with re-identifying de-identified personal data
  • Proper applications for using anonymized data for systems testing

What’s next?

Check out The Five Safes of Risk-Based Anonymization whitepaper here


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