Guide to the De-identification of PHI

Offering compelling practical and legal reasons why de-identification should be one of the main approaches to protecting patients’ privacy, the Guide to the De-Identification of Personal Health Information outlines a proven, risk-based methodology for the de-identification of sensitive health information. It contextualizes this risk-based methodology and provides a general overview of its steps.

The book supplies a detailed case for why de-identification is important as well as best practices to help you pinpoint when it is necessary to apply de-identification in the disclosure of protected health information.

It also:

  • Outlines practical methods for de-identification
  • Describes how to measure re-identification risk
  • Explains how to reduce the risk of re-identification
  • Includes proofs and supporting reference material
  • Focuses only on transformations proven to work on health information—rather than covering all possible approaches, whether they work in practice or not

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