Eclipse Trials

Anonymize Your Clinical Trial Data with Eclipse Trials

Turn clinical trial data into business value. Quickly, safely and at scale.

Eclipse Trials is purpose-built for life-science organizations and optimized for clinical trial data anonymization. It’s a powerful add-on module to Eclipse Risk, our enterprise platform for data anonymization.

Eclipse Trials is perfect for:

Scaling a transparency program

Clearing a large backlog of clinical studies not yet published

Building an internal innovation platform for drug development

Streamlining field classification and automating the setup process for clinical trial data sets

Leveraging built-in functions such as PhUSE date shifting and auto data classification for SDTM and ADaM standards

Providing auditable proof that your data is no longer identifiable

How Eclipse Trials Works


Watch this short product video to see Eclipse Trials in action.

“With clients reporting up to 400% more throughput and 22% lower costs due to improved process efficiency, Eclipse Trials is a powerful new way to anonymize patient trial data at scale.”

Michael McTaggart, CTT Business Leader
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Client Success

Anonymized data fuels AI-driven drug differentiation

  • A global pharma company is leveraging Eclipse Trials to safely
    automate the anonymization of thousands of clinical studies.
  • They’re now well positioned to transform the way medicines are developed.

Safely innovate with trial data.
Ensure compliance.

If you're...

Then Eclipse Trials will help you…

If you're...

Anonymizing patient-level trial data for internal use and innovation

Then Eclipse Trials will help you…

If you're...

Anonymizing patient-level trial data for external data sharing

Then Eclipse Trials will help you…

Find out what Eclipse Trials software can do for you

Together with Eclipse Risk, the Trials add-on accelerates enterprise data
anonymization to support transparency initiatives, data sharing and internal R&D, while remaining compliant with international regulations.

Contact us to learn more about this robust product extension and if it is a fit for your business.

How does Eclipse Trials stack up against other options?

Unlike homegrown methods, Eclipse Trials ensures consistency and scalability, and provides evidence your trial data is no longer identifiable.

With options to install on premise or in the cloud, you can ensure enterprise-grade quality and security in your information technology environment.  Plus, Eclipse Trials API and built-in features enable high automation for your internal data uses.

Unlike other rules-based products, Eclipse Trials provides statistical proof of anonymization.  Data utility is maximized based on your context of use, with flexibility to ensure your internal data scientists drive meaningful results from the data.

Unlike other trial-specific risk-based products, the Eclipse Trials add-on extends the versatile and defensible core of Eclipse Risk, providing flexibility to link to other data sets – such as omics and DICOM headers – and has been proven across environments and health data types globally.

Eclipse Trials provides high-utility data offerings that are compliant across global regulatory environments including GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.

Unlike other product vendors, our team of over 100+ privacy experts can support your evolving privacy needs over time.  From SDTM and ADaM data today to imaging and omics data tomorrow, our privacy experts work together with your team, making ongoing investments in the product.

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