Managing Privacy: The Imperative RWE Capability

Managing Privacy: The Imperative RWE Capability

Take the lead in Real-World Evidence Privacy Management

Leveraging real-world evidence (RWE) solutions are essential to driving new insights in healthcare. RWE success requires granular patient-level data. Balancing use while maintaining strict compliance with privacy and regulatory standards is a serious challenge for healthcare organizations looking to develop RWE capabilities. As privacy compliance standards are changing frequently, healthcare organizations need to be confident in their privacy practices when leveraging PHI for secondary uses.

This IQVIA/Privacy Analytics white paper on managing privacy for real-world evidence can keep you current and help build an effective privacy governance framework while achieving more useful, faster insights. Written by Dr. Ben Hughes and Dr. Khaled El Emam, this white paper addresses:

  • Use risk-based versus masking approaches to gain higher-quality research data
  • Use and link multiple data types, large scale databases and prospective cohorts
  • Work effectively with health systems to share data and improve patient outcomes
  • Implement at scale through software automation

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