De-Identification 101: How to Protect Private Health Information

De-Identification 101: How to Protect Private Health Information

The growth in the use of electronic medical records, electronic insurance claims processing and other hospital software systems has led to a rise in the collection and storage of personal health information. Beyond the provision of patient care, this information can be invaluable in driving innovative research and providing new insights to address challenging healthcare problems.

De-identification 101 is designed to give you a broad overview of what de-identification is, what legal requirements are, and how it can impact healthcare. Learn to manage risks, stay compliant, and protect the privacy of individuals.

This primer is part one of our De-identification series. You’ll get an overview of current legislation, up-to-date de-identification strategies, and tips for minimizing attacks on your data, both malicious and inadvertent.

“Without this technology a lot of research we want to do would grind to a halt.”
-Dr. Mark Walker, Scientific Director and Co-director of the BORN Registry

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