ASCO CancerLinq

ASCO CancerLinq

Enabling Access to Real-World Cancer Information to Derive Clinically Meaningful Insights that Support Quality Improvement and Hypothesis Generation

Oncologists and other health professionals understand that improving how we approach cancer care requires better knowledge. Greater knowledge can only be accomplished through quality — and quantity — of data. But how do we get these greater volumes of quality data and still protect patient privacy?

CancerLinQ LLC, a wholly owned nonprofit of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), chose to use Privacy Analytics’ de-identification methodology and tools to support CancerLinQ™, a rapid learning healthcare system that will help oncology professionals aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. Through securely deidentifying patient data from practices of all sizes and geographic locations across the United States, healthcare practitioners will be able to advance cancer treatment and care.

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