Anonymized clinical trial data and documents

Sponsor boosts data-sharing throughput to 35+ studies a month

Includes clinical trial data and docs

The challenge

A large, global pharmaceutical sponsor needed to safely share a higher volume of clinical trial data and documents to achieve multiple goals. Driving greater advances in patient health, achieving transparency with external researchers and fueling its drug innovation were among the company’s key priorities.

At the same time, it needed to comply with many data privacy regulations. This included submissions to the European Medicines Agency under Policy 0070 and to Health Canada in line with the Canadian Public Release of Clinical Information (PRCI).

The sponsor required an end-to-end anonymization solution to help it achieve all its business needs.

The solution

Privacy Analytics’ health data experts, in conjunction with proprietary software, anonymized the sponsor’s data and documents using a proven statistical method.

Eclipse Trials was the technology used to anonymize the sponsor’s clinical trial data. The product is designed to automate the anonymization of high volumes of clinical data sets. It delivers highly useful information for health research that’s compliant with global privacy regulations.

The results

  • Ramped up data-sharing throughput to over 35 studies per month, each comprised of structured data and a clinical study report document.
  • Consistency in approach across documents and data, allowing for linkage to documents by data scientists working on structured data.
  • Cost efficiencies attained through highly efficient data sharing program and cross-leverage of the same anonymization capability and solution.

Privacy Analytics can help your company quickly anonymize structured patient data and documents.

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