Making healthcare big data & AI work for everyone, every day: Business Brunch in Zurich

Making healthcare big data & AI work for everyone, every day: Business Brunch in Zurich

A Data Privacy Frontline Report

Making healthcare big data & AI work for everyone, every day was held on November 21 2018 at Au Premier in Zürich, Switzerland. 

Presented by IQVIA, this invitation-only event focused on the impact of AI on the use of big data in healthcare. From the event description: “Accessing & working with big data can be cumbersome. Only a few people have the required skills and their time is often used up by data preparation. The most intricate analysis will always require expert data scientists, but with the right tools and training, even a non-expert can produce highly useful output. We will be discussing how to facilitate this transition.”

What was the big idea?

The attendees were really interested in how to advance their work on both big data and also on AI to support their work. What became apparent was their concern over getting access to the datasets they need, to make things happen. After clarifying the impact of GDPR regulations we were able to show how using a risk based determination approach to build anonymized data sets for secondary usage can allow companies to be both compliant but still maintain the usefulness of the data for the tasks in hand.

Who was the audience?

The audience came from the healthcare industry, in particular pharmaceuticals and medical device organizations. Their goal was to learn more about how gathering data helps advance their analytics work and care, holistically. The questions of anonymization regarding imaging data, and data gathered across various devices, from the bedside to implants and wearables, are becoming increasingly complex.

What value did Privacy Analytics bring to the event?

Privacy Analytics, as an IQVIA company, is uniquely positioned to assist pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to leverage big data and artificial intelligence. Given our experience in the health care space, and our organizations’ front-line engagement in the convergence of AI and medical devices, we can help these companies better understand the challenges they face; how to get the data they need to innovate; and share that data in a responsible way. Data anonymization, especially in the age of AI, is key to turning privacy into more than just potential, and achieving superior business results.

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