A Passion for Excellence

A Passion for Excellence

A message from General Manager Sarah Lyons

When I think about what passion looks like at Privacy Analytics, it’s a quiet, underlying drive to innovate and push for a better world.

If there’s one thing that unifies our team’s diverse set of personalities, backgrounds, and beliefs, it’s an endless desire to do what we do in the best possible way—for our customers, first and foremost, as well as the broader set of stakeholders that our work affects.

It was exactly this passion, this measured, thoughtful way of doing things, that first attracted me to Privacy Analytics. Before I joined the company as COO in 2017, I was a partner in a successful consulting firm. I loved my job, my team, and our clients.

But the understated excitement I witnessed whenever I was working on a project with Privacy Analytics (one of my long-term clients) was irresistible. I saw how a common passion to meet challenging goals head-on consistently added significant value for the end client. Even though life was good where I was, I knew I had to find out what it was like to work from this place of passion, full-time. And I’m so glad I did.

Looking for something more fulfilling?

Browse our current list of open positions. We’re always looking for talented individuals with a shared passion for privacy and the power of data.

Having been at Privacy Analytics for several years now, I can confidently say that this passion for excellence doesn’t go away. Refuelling it is built into the very nature of our business, which allows for continued enthusiasm and curiosity.

“Because privacy is a growing field, we’re constantly tasked with finding new ways to apply privacy to real-world problems.”

Technology, regulations, and business needs are always changing, so there’s a steady stream of new and different opportunities to channel our shared passion for balancing privacy with innovation and progress.

At Privacy Analytics, we’re not just data privacy experts, we’re patients and individuals too. We value our privacy AND see data’s potential to improve the human experience. And as sources of passion go, that’s hard to match.

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