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White Papers

Which strategies do you use to bolster your organization’s data-sharing initiatives? Are they primarily defensive or offensive? Which approach works best? Download this event summary to find out.


Date of Event: July 19, 2021

Join us for an invite-only, executive roundtable on safely sharing sensitive data to drive innovation. The event takes place July 19 from 1 pm to 3 pm ET. It will be hosted by Richard Y. Wang, Founder & Director of the MIT CDOIQ program, and moderated by Sarah Lyons, Head of Privacy Analytics, and globally renowned data privacy expert, Luk Arbuckle.

White Papers

What challenges and opportunities do you face when attempting to leverage and share sensitive data to drive innovation and increase ROI? How do other data and analytics leaders tackle this challenge? Download this event summary and find out.


Date of Event: February 18, 2021

In this brief webinar, Niamh McGuinness, Senior CTT Analyst, will be showcasing Privacy Analytics’ new service offer for clinical trial document anonymization, which allows you to quickly apply our proven statistical method to your clinical study reports, without having to commit for the long-term.

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