Eclipse Transform

Eclipse Transform de-identifies sensitive data. Quickly, affordably, and at scale.

Operationalize and automate your data transformations

If you operate in a regulatory jurisdiction where a rules-based approach to data masking is acceptable – like HIPAA Safe Harbor – you may be looking for a cost-effective way to de-identify sensitive personal data.

Eclipse Transform is data de-identification software that’s easy to use and configure

Quickly apply HIPAA Safe Harbor or another configurable rule set to de-identify data

Safeguard your corporate reputation with auditable proof your data is no longer identifiable

Drive more data value from your analytics and research initiatives

How Eclipse Transform Works


Watch this short product video to see Eclipse Transform in action.

Safely Drive Data Value. Rest Easy.

If you’re…

Then Eclipse Transform will help you…

If you’re…

Making your data compliant with Safe Harbor*

Then Eclipse Transform will help you…

If you’re…

Pseudonymizing, masking or transforming your record-level data

Then Eclipse Transform will help you…

If you’re…

Ensuring no demographic uniqueness in your record-level data

Then Eclipse Transform will help you…

*Includes other regulatory jurisdictions where rules-based data de-identification is acceptable.

Eclipse Transform is flexible by design

Eclipse Transform is flexible by design, allowing many different rules-based transformations. You can use it to define custom-built data privacy schemes incorporating:






Date shifting


Find out what Eclipse Transform software can do for you

Eclipse Transform is purpose-built for HIPAA Safe Harbor, enabling a streamlined workflow enforcing consistency and standardization.

It documents the entire data transformation process, providing a detailed audit report for privacy compliance.

Contact us to learn more about Eclipse Transform and determine if it is a fit for your business.

Other key features

Built to scale for Big Data

Deployable on-prem
or in the cloud

Can be automated
in a pipeline

Includes enterprise
security features

Supports cloud-native services to enhance performance

Never stores or transmits
any personal information

How does Eclipse Transform compare with Eclipse Risk?

Eclipse Risk is our flagship enterprise software solution that statistically measures and then transforms your sensitive data to achieve full anonymization under GDPR, Expert Determination under HIPAA, and world-leading standards for advanced de-identification.

“If you are working within regulatory jurisdictions where rules-based data deidentification is acceptable and aren’t looking for automated statistical proof, Eclipse Transform software may be just right for you.”

Grant Middleton, Head of Solution Architecture, Privacy Analytics
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How does Eclipse Transform stack up against other options?

Unlike homegrown methods, Eclipse Transform ensures consistency, scalability, and provides evidence your data is no longer identifiable. 

Built to scale for Big Data and deployable on-prem or in the cloud, you can ensure enterprise-grade quality and security in your information technology environment. Eclipse Transform also has an API for integration.

Unlike other rule-based privacy products, Eclipse Transform offers advanced functionality, such as the ability to remove demographic uniqueness with built-in automation. As a world leader in privacy, we continue to invest in our products with new features released regularly.

Unlike built-in masking options in your BI environment, Eclipse Transform has a range of privacy features and techniques, along with a privacy workflow, user interface and reports.

Unlike other product vendors, our team of 100+ privacy experts can support your evolving privacy needs over time. From a Safe Harbor approach today to expert determination tomorrow, Privacy Analytics can help you adapt to an evolving privacy landscape and unlock the value in your data.

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