Eclipse Risk

Eclipse Risk is your enterprise anonymization solution

Anonymize your vast stores of sensitive data. Safely. And at scale.

Innovators earn trust by protecting the privacy of people whose lives populate their large datasets. Safely leveraging this wealth of sensitive data affords you the privilege of driving innovations that benefit everyone.

Eclipse Risk is automated, scalable software that:

Anonymizes structured data sets of any size and sensitivity to the highest possible standard, while preserving data utility

Statistically measures and then reduces the likelihood of people being re-identified

Provides auditable proof that your data is no longer identifiable

Learn how Eclipse Risk safely anonymizes data at scale


Eclipse Risk can help your team:

Scale data de-identification across different regulatory jurisdictions including GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA

Gain valuable insight from huge amounts of sensitive data dispersed globally

Leverage anonymized data for product development and testing

Enable safe data sharing with partners

Drastically reduce financial and admin costs of GDPR compliance

Anita Fineberg

“Privacy Analytics Eclipse provides a sound evidentiary basis for substantiating the claim that personal information is de-identified. It also allows for appropriate security safeguards to protect the data based on an empirically assessed risk of re-identification in the recipient environment.”​

Anita Fineberg, LL.B., CIPP/C, Privacy Lawyer and Consultant

Eclipse Risk At-A-Glance

If you’re looking to do more with your data, then modern, purpose-built software is what you need.

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Data Utility

How does Eclipse Risk compare to rules-based tools?

Technical Information about Eclipse Risk

Your privacy is important. That’s why Eclipse Risk is designed to run on your company’s platform, without any intervention from us. You can install Eclipse Risk on premise or in the cloud (Azure or AWS), securing the perimeter according to your internal protocols.

You can also leverage cloud-native cluster computing services like Amazon EMR or Databricks to take advantage of auto-scaling (better user experience at lower cost, and better support for Data Lake storage).

Eclipse Risk does not store any personal data or protected health information. The source information is read from input data*, processed on main memory by Apache Spark and then, once anonymized, is written into new tables/files on the output data source.

Eclipse Risk supports security of ‘Data at Rest’ as well as ‘Data in Transit’ using encryption and TLS (SSL) as required for all PHI data flows. Includes enterprise security features like Active Directory integration, LDAP, and role-based access controls.

*Our list of supported data types is constantly evolving. Contact us for an up-to-date list.

Eclipse Risk can run manually through your browser or you can choose to automate de-identification jobs via ELT/ETL by calling REST APIs.

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