The State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics

Change, Challenges and Choice

Privacy Analytics is proud to introduce The State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics 2015-2016, a comprehensive and informative survey on health data sharing and analytics. Over 300 industry professionals were involved, representing C-suite executives, Privacy and Compliance Officers, Data Analysts and Legal Counsel (to name a few). The key goals of this survey were to gain insight into healthcare organizations needs around protecting patient privacy, the challenges they face and the approaches they are taking to minimize risk when sharing sensitive data.

Some noticeable findings in the survey include:

  • A lack of total confidence in the ability to protect privacy;
  • the demand for data is growing as fast as the amount of data is being collected;
  • Individuals lack familiarity with advances methods of de-identifying data;
  • Most organizations use approaches that can result in high risk datasets;
  • Healthcare organization are slowly starting to monetize their data assets;
  • And much more!

Results of this survey are divided into three sections: the basics of data sharing, current uses of data, and challenges faced by the industry. Insights include types of data being shared, techniques organizations are using to share data and maintain compliance, and what organizations are looking for in a data sharing solution.

Get an extensive view into the world of sharing sensitive health data for secondary purposes. Download your copy of The State of Data Sharing for Healthcare Analytics report today.



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