February 2014

February 2014

Topics covered: How to Conduct a Rigorous Security Risk Analysis, The Role of De-Identification in Data Tokenization Projects, PARAT for Comparative Benchmarking

March 2015

March 2015

Topics covered: The Changing Climate of Corporate Anonymization Policy, Beyond HIPAA: Using a Risk-Based De-Identification in a Broader Context, Ten Tips for Privacy Officers on How to Monetize Health Data Responsibly

December 2014

Topics covered: Highlights from Ryerson University’s De-Id Symposium, The First PARAT User Meeting a Big Success, Some FAQs on HIPAA De-Identification, The Next Generation of De-Id Software is Here: PARAT 6.0, Why Privacy Officers Leave, Performing Anonymization in Dynamic Data Environments, De-Identified Event Dates Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule

October 2014

Topics covered: The Analytic Utility of PARAT Anonymized Health Data, Fear and Loathing of Data Monetization, Economic Comparison of Options to Anonymize Clinical Trials Data, Case Study: PARAT For Post Marketing and Public Health Surveillance, The Need for Anonymization in Safe Havens

February 2014

Topics covered: How to Conduct a Rigorous Security Risk Analysis, The Role of De-identification in Data Tokenization Projects, PARAT for Comparative Benchmarking

December 2013

Topics covered: How do you make a de-identification expert?, On the Limits of the Safe Harbor De-identification Standard, Are ECG data quasi-identifiers?, Password Protection: A False Sense of Security

June 2013

Topics covered: Do we have to worry about re-identification attacks?, The Data Limitation Principle as Applied to Data Use and Disclosure.

April 2013

Topics covered: Which Cloud is your Data In?, The De-identification Maturity Model – Benchmarking and Improving De-identification Practices, PARAT API – A Risk Measurement Example

March 2013

Topics covered: Omnibus Rule Increases Focus on De-identification, The Return-on-Investment from the De-identification of Health Data, De-identifying Production Data for Usage in Software Quality Assurance

February 2013

Topics covered: The Twelve Characteristics of a De-identification Methodology, Seeking a Difficult Balance: The Limits of Privacy in the Emerging Healthcare IT Ecology, Tips for Working with Large Data Sets within PARAT

November 2012

Topics covered: So You’ve Concluded Your New Health Start Up is Outside HIPAA…Now What?, What is Acceptable Re-Identification Risk?, The HIPAA Safe Harbor De-Identification Standard and Uniqueness, Date Manipulation and Custom Hierarchies

September 2012

Topics covered: Who’s Afraid of Big Data?, Protecting the Benefits of De-Identified Health Care Information, Risk Assessment Wizard – Determining a Re-identification Risk Threshold, What Do You Mean I’m Sensitive?

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