The Next Generation De-Id Software

OTTAWA, ON. (NOVEMBER 19, 2014)  Privacy Analytics – the leading provider of software that safeguards and enables personal health data for secondary purposes – announced today the launch of PARAT 6.0 which for the first time gives health data organizations the ability to apply a proven de-identification methodology to complex data without the need for advanced technical skill and programming expertise. Read the official press release here.

The next generation of de-identification software is here. Don’t take our word for it: register for the PARAT 6.0 Webinar on December 2nd. Details here.

Some of the new features include:

  • Interactive De-Identification Pipeline Designer with drag and drop capabilities to describe the flow of data from start to finish in a de-identification process.
  • Integrated Relational Dataset Modeling and Classification that ensures dataset integrity by remembering the relationships between tables and identifier types throughout the process.
  • De-identification strategy definitions that automatically build on the underlying relational dataset model and automatically suggest default de-identification strategies.
  • Allows saving and reuse of models, risk profiles, and pipeline components to save time and ensure consistency when defining new de-identification data flows.
  • Integrated Data Viewer allows inspection of data within the data model and compares both source and target at any stage of the process.

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