Smart Cities Need a Privacy Policy

In Terry Dawes latest piece on Cantech Letter, he writes that as cities start implementing high tech solutions to solve modern problems, privacy may suffer without sufficient policies to protect it. The amount of data being used in smart technology, wearables and social media, leads to increased privacy concerns.With data being pulled from so many sources, its a reasonable assumption that re-identifying individuals will happen. These smart cities will need to extend their intelligence into creating a robust privacy policy that protects the people.

Dawes looks at solutions to managing privacy, including anonymizing the people in the data. But as he quotes Privacy Analytics Director, Dr. Khaled El Emam: “The process of anonymization is harder than it sounds, as has been pointed out by Privacy Analytics CEO Khaled El Emam, of Ottawa, who makes clear that “anyonymization” may not be going far enough, and that de-identification should be a greater priority.”

Read the article here.

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