Data Privacy Business Outcomes 7: consumer credit

One of the ‘big three’ global consumer credit reporting agencies, which aggregates information on over a billion consumers, sought to maximize their data utility from specific line item individual files to further the agency’s engagement with its partners in banking, mortgage and institutional lending.

Scope of the engagement/key issues:

  • Personal credit and financial data needed to de-identified so it could be used for deeper analytics by the agency’s lending sector client-partners
  • Client required training of its internal staff on industry-leading risk-based de-identification methodologies to fulfil the implementation and assure continuous Best Practices
  • The anonymization process needed to maintain the highest security of individual privacy while delivering optimal data utility

Business Outcome:

Client was able to upgrade its internal data management infrastructure; enhance its competitive position, while creating additional revenue and achieving measurable improvement in ROI; and deliver on its stated mission of providing the most complete and multidimensional information available.

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