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How Health Tech & Analytics Companies Safely Harness Sensitive Data for Innovation

(with Privacy Analytics)

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How Health Tech & Analytics Companies Safely Harness Sensitive Data for Innovation

(with Privacy Analytics)
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Accelerate Innovation

As someone who is harnessing complex data, delivering healthcare technology, and/or driving AIML-fueled innovation, you know traditional approaches to privacy protection can limit your speed, scale and even results.

Whether it’s complying with regulatory requirements or protecting the privacy of people represented in all kinds of data, you know that privacy assurance and proven compliance is must-have in healthcare. And if you’re struggling to safely unlock value from structured and unstructured data in a more agile manner, you’re not alone.

Despite the challenges, you know that your edge in the race for innovation and differentiation requires privacy strategies that keep pace with your data ambitions. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for multi-modal data that includes genomic data, free text, medical images, and even videos. At the same time, structured data is constantly changing, linkages need to be established faster, and competitors are innovating quickly through advancements in AIML. To stand out, you must bring new life to data.   

But these benefits can be out of reach without the right technology and expertise. You may be facing brittle privacy solutions that limit your ability to use all your data assets with speed, scale, and agility. Or you may be struggling to create safe or synthetic data assets quickly, and affordably.  Perhaps your business hasn’t expanded beyond structured data, and you need to drive value from the large amounts of unstructured information.  But with personal data or PHI buried in free text, image pixels, and the combined linkage of otherwise safely de-identified data, it’s no wonder that some organizations are hesitant to explore the full potential of data.

This asset delivers seven micro-stories showcasing how our clients effectively unlock the full potential of structured and unstructured data.

Whether you want to improve your products and services with data-driven R&D, enhance your analytics offerings with richer, multi-modal data, or distinguish yourself as a Business Associate under HIPAA or Data Processor under GDPR, this resource is a must-read.

Join the 100s of organizations like yours that have trusted Privacy Analytics to help drive value for healthcare from sensitive data

Privacy Analytics creates innovative solutions for business and healthcare leaders that turn sensitive information about people into data that is timely, usable, and compliant. We’ll ensure your organization can unleash maximum value from all your structured and unstructured data without running afoul of privacy and data protection laws worldwide.  As examples:

For organizations needing to move faster under HIPAA, we provide more complete and holistic privacy strategies with clear guardrails for you to use in practice.  For example, rather than a new Expert Determination every time you need to source, combine, or use data differently, we offer platform-level, statistically adaptive, and forward-looking solutions that empower you to innovate with ease and agility.

For European vendors needing to differentiate, we combine a variety of privacy-enhancing technologies to empower safe and responsible uses of patient data with auditable proof there is no reasonable basis to identify individual people in the information – allowing you to accelerate innovation while proving GDPR compliance and privacy protection.

For health tech & analytics companies worldwide, we have informed over 20 regulatory guidelines and standards for data privacy and enablement, giving you a trusted foundation to build and deliver solutions that will drive transformative improvements in healthcare.

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Get a complete solution aligned to your needs

We’ll design a complete solution for your organization that scales to your needs, operating context, and regulatory jurisdictions. You’ll get statistical proof of privacy protection while enabling the richest data possible for many  important use cases.

We draw upon one or more of the following to tailor a solution to your need:

Consulting and Advisory:  

Need help cutting through the complexities of data and regulation?  Looking to build your own data platform or de-identification solution?  Want a partner that bridges the disciplines of privacy/legal, data science, and technology? 

Our team of experts can work with you to develop tailored solutions and practical guardrails for the safe and responsible use of structured and unstructured data. In addition, we offer expert third-party validation to ensure your existing technology and processes for data are compliant, as well as privacy engineering to roll up our sleeves with you.


Does your initiative require data de-identification or Expert Determination under HIPAA?  Do you need a trusted third party to link and render complex data non-identifiable under applicable regulations?   

Our experts select and manage the right technology options from our Privacy Analytics Platform to get you the results you need, at the speed and scale your business depends on.

Privacy Analytics Platform: 

Benefit from the flexibility and extensibility of our data privacy and enablement technology by integrating the Privacy Analytics Platform – or key modules of our commercial software – behind your own firewall so that data never leaves your environment.

Pseudonymize, de-identify and/or anonymize data at scale, with the flexibility to create differentially private datasets and synthetic data for your .  Visualize the re-identification risk contribution of different elements in your data to make informed decisions on protecting privacy.

We support cloud-native deployments on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as well as on-premises and are a prioritized, Marketplace transactable, and technically validated Microsoft Azure Partner. 

What clients say about Privacy Analytics?

“Privacy Analytics has equipped us to continue serving our pharma clients efficiently while meeting regulatory requirements and building trust with our key stakeholders”

Charlotte Langtved,
VP and General Manager, IQVIA

“CancerLinQ utilizes Privacy Analytics Eclipse software (Privacy Analytics, Ottawa, ON, Canada) to perform Expert Determination de-identification.”

Published on Oct 26, 2020, in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, an Amercican Society of Clinical Oncology Journal

“In 2021, we selected Privacy Analytics to give us an external perspective of our de-identification and pseudonymization practices, as well as to provide additional privacy-related expertise. They found the design of our practices to be effective and made recommendations for strengthening our process and privacy framework even further.

Renewing our relationship in 2022, we further responded to these recommendations, developing guidelines for the de-identification and pseudonymization of data, standardizing practices, and improving our processes to assess de-identification projects.”

Jean Liu, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at Nuance Communications

Use Cases Enabled by Privacy Analytics

Privacy Analytics addresses a range of business use cases for health tech and analytics companies, including:

  • Delivering richer, de-identified data to payers and providers engaging you, for advancements in clinical decision support, population health management, precision medicine, and a range of other healthcare benefits
  • Safely commercializing data and/or enhancing commercial analytics, including through the safe use of unstructured patient data, to edge out your competition
  • Supporting software development and testing with safe data that simulates real-world production scenarios.
  • Creating safe, reliable data for AIML model development and optimization, and other innovative R&D pursuits to fuel your future growth
  • Improving your own health tech products with more reliable testing and data coverage
  • Proving compliance and privacy leadership to earn more business
  • Expanding your operations to new regulatory jurisdictions globally

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Archiving / Destroying

Are you unleashing the full value of data you retain?

Your Challenges

Do you need help...


Value Retention

Client Success

Client: Comcast

Situation: California’s Consumer Privacy Act inspired Comcast to evolve the way in which they protect the privacy of customers who consent to share personal information with them.


Are you achieving intended outcomes from data?

Your Challenge

Do you need help...


Unbiased Results

Client Success


Situation:’s AI-powered tech helps clients improve their online experience by sharing signals about website visitor intent. They wanted to ensure privacy remained fully protected within the machine learning / AI context that produces these signals.


Do the right people have the right data?

Your Challenges

Do you need help...


Usable and Reusable Data

Client Success

Client: Novartis

Situation: Novartis’ digital transformation in drug R&D drives their need to maximize value from vast stores of clinical study data for critical internal research enabled by their data42 platform.



Are you empowering people to safely leverage trusted data?

Your Challenges

Do you need help...


Security / compliance efficiency


Client: ASCO’s CancerLinQ

Situation: CancerLinQ™, a subsidiary of American Society of Clinical Oncology, is a rapid learning healthcare system that helps oncologists aggregate and analyze data on cancer patients to improve care. To achieve this goal, they must de-identify patient data provided by subscribing practices across the U.S.


Acquiring / Collecting

Are you acquiring the right data? Do you have appropriate consent?

Your Challenge

Do you need help...


Consent / Contracting strategy

Client Success

Client: IQVIA

Situation: Needed to ensure the primary market research process was fully compliant with internal policies and regulations such as GDPR. 



Are You Effectively Planning for Success?

Your Challenges

Do you need help...


Build privacy in by design

Client Success

Client: Nuance

Situation: Needed to enable AI-driven product innovation with a defensible governance program for the safe and responsible use
of voice-to-text data under Shrems II.


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