Privacy Analytics Link was developed for organizations with large population datasets who need to match data with other third party data in a secure and private manner.

Privacy Analytics Link provides the protocol to securely match records between two datasets without disclosing any protected health information (PHI).

Why Use Privacy Analytics Link?


Fraud prevention or criminal investigation applications where organizations work together under “black box” conditions so that personal identities and characteristics about an individual are not revealed but relevant data can be isolated and shared for important insights.


Data monetization applications where an organization that has a large population dataset needs to create highly relevant data marts for clients based on the type of information in the organization’s dataset.




Privacy Analytics acts as the trusted third party to enable matching between separate datasets via the use of encryption technology. Privacy Analytics Link is an automated solution that uses encryption and proprietary techniques to facilitate this matching process. Business applications range from insurance claims verification, fraud or other criminal investigations to supporting data monetization strategies for companies who own large population datasets.

Privacy Analytics has been a great partner in providing appropriately de-identified and masked data for the 2013 CajunCodeFest teams because compliance to the HIPAA Privacy Rule is a key parameter for us as we look to make data available and encourage innovation.
- Lucas Tramontozzi, CTO of the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals


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