An Online Executive Workshop: Understanding & Unleashing True Data Potential

Understanding & Unleashing
True Data Potential

Monday, August 17 beginning at 1 p.m. ET (4 hrs)

An Online Executive Workshop: Understanding & Unleashing True Data Potential

Date of Event: August 17, 2020

Location: Online


Presented in partnership with the annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium, this year’s virtual workshop focuses on understanding and unleashing the true potential for innovation your organization’s data holds.

Request your front row seats to a series of dynamic, pitch-free presentations and live Q&A sessions led by a variety of data privacy experts in multiple industries, including:

A Roadmap to Understanding Data Potential

Before CDOs can unlock data value, they must first understand data potential. Although many CDOs today are deep into analytics, it can be challenging to determine which data assets hold the most potential value for their organization, or what questions to ask of the data to drive strategic needs.


  • Richard Wang, Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Program, MIT
  • Michael Servaes, Founding Member, International Society of Chief Data Officers

Earning Trust to Innovate with Sensitive Data

This will be a co-presentation by global authorities in data and privacy, ending with a thorough, facilitated Q&A session. In the presentation, our experts will share specific data privacy strategies and tactical considerations that have been proven to help data and analytics teams earn the trust of stakeholders when leveraging sensitive information.


  • Anne Kimbol, Assistant General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, HITRUST
  • Felix Ritchie, Professor of Applied Economics and Director of Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance, University of West England
  • Frédérique Horwood, Lead Counsel, Privacy and Data Governance, The World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Luk Arbuckle, Chief Methodologist, Privacy Analytics

From Aspiration to Inspiration: Stories from Real Life Data Privacy Heroes

Four data analytics and privacy leaders will share the story of their respective journeys to either safely turn personal data into business value or earn trust by protecting the privacy of the people represented in their data sets.


  • Robert Elliott, Global Information Security Officer, Novartis
  • Erin Rebholz, VP, Data, Vendor Management and Advisory Services, McKesson
  • Doina Iepuras, Principal Architect, Comcast
  • Tyler Schnoebelen, VP Special Projects,

Due to this year’s uncertainty around travel and live events, we’ve pre-recorded our primary sessions allowing us to present a virtual workshop that combines video presentations with LIVE discussions and Q&As from our expert moderators.

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Luk provides strategic leadership to our clients and to our organization on how to responsibly share and use data. He draws from an extensive background in statistics, data science and anonymization, and from having worked on the regulatory side as Director of Technology Analysis at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Clients rely on Luk to help define the architecture that will enable them to meet their privacy obligations while supporting innovative and scalable uses of their data.

Luk Arbuckle

Chief Methodologist

Sarah Lyons, General Manager

Sarah helps Privacy Analytics’ clients earn trust and execute on their use priorities. Her career has often involved developing and implementing innovative risk assessment methodologies for governments and Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with decision makers at the highest level to identify and address financial, political and/or reputational risk before any harm could be done to the organization. Her previous roles include Partner and National Privacy Services Leader at MNP LLP, COO of A Hundred Answers Inc., and IT Risk Advisory Practice Lead for Ernst & Young Ottawa.

Sarah Lyons

General Manager